Cost of services

For Academic Writing Retreat cost, please visit the website here.


Q: Why do you only coach in packages?

A: Coaching is not about fixing one small problem (although it may include that. Coaching is about addressing areas that are not easily addressed and about developing new skills. Habits and patterns of behavior can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to break/establish. The work we do together will take time to be successful—and we are both looking for you to succeed.

Q: What is included in the coaching package?

A: Coaching packages include:

  • an extensive intake form

  • breakthrough session (~60–90 min)

  • weekly meetings (~45-60 min)

  • homework (for you)

  • homework review (for me)

  • unlimited access to me via e-mail Mon-Fri during work hours.

Together we will establish 2–3 areas that need your most immediate attention and develop successful approaches to those areas. Your first 30-minute consultation is free, so be in touch to schedule it so we can determine what kind of good work we can do together.

Q: What is the difference between writing accountability and a writing coach?

A: If you are struggling to accomplish what you need to accomplish and you need assistance setting goals, the 30-min weekly writing accountability is for you. If you need more substantive help in your writing (perhaps in addition to the accountability and goals), such as working through content, making executive decisions, and others forms of developmental editing, the writing coach option is what you are looking for.

Q: How do I know that your editing services will work for me?

A: Like with the coaching, I offer a free consultation so we can discuss what you need and make sure that we are a good match. If we are, we can discuss how to proceed. If we are not a good match I will make suggestions/recommendations to other editors who may be able to better assist you. My goal is for you to succeed! Be in touch to schedule a 30-minute consultation. I will also provide you with a 500-word edit sample of your work, free of charge, to make sure that we agree on what it is you want and need.

Q: You list other services on your website, but I do not see the prices here. Why is that?

A: Some services, such as workshops, speaking engagements, and working with groups of administration and staff, will vary significantly depending on the circumstances and desired outcomes. Please be in touch about your goals and I will develop a proposal.

Other services, such as the job market support groups, will be listed once the registration opens. Feel free to reach out to inquire about these services.