Writing & Retreats

Laptop & Coffee

Academic Writing Retreat
(Women & Non-Binary Folks)

Join other academics for an intensive  writing retreat at the gorgeous Oakwood Retreat in Selma, Indiana. Structured writing retreats not only provide dedicated space and uninterrupted time to write, it also provides a space to turn the solitary task of writing into a community of practice (Murray and Newton 2009).

More information and sign-up can be found here. Note that the retreat is limited to no more than 20 individuals.

Online Writing Retreats

Take advantage of this free structured writing "retreat" online via twitter. Join me and other academics by setting aside a full or half day for intensive writing. Like with in-person writing retreats, participating in an online retreat creates dedicated time and space to writing, and it helps turns the solitary task of writing into a community of practice, albeit online (Murray and Newton 2009).

More information and your participation can be found via my twitter page. Anyone can participate!

Working from Home
Ready to Get Published

Writing Accountability Coach


One-to-One Writing Coach

Writing is hard. We all could use writing support—from accountability to talking through writing problems, discussing publishing, and setting writing goals to editing and proofing. This service, billable in 30-minute increments, gives you the opportunity to have a compassionate and critical discussion of your current project. From drafty-drafts to polished pieces, I've seen it all (and wrote it all, too!) and can help you find your way past challenges to your next step.